Soma Premiere At Bad Luck Media

Stream our debut album Soma in full now over at BAD LUCK Media!

Grab tickets to your album launch this Friday at The Trap (Support from Captain Süün and some very special guests!




We also had some kind words from those guys over at Bristol Live Magazine. Check out the review of our support slot at the Thekla with Lice and Yowl.



“Yo No Se are releasing their first record ‘Soma’ next week, so tonight acts as a short and sweet preview to not only the record but their own forthcoming Bristol hometown show at the end of the month. What has been consistently impressive about the band’s live show is just how massive they sound. As exhibited tonight and at their triumphant Psych Fest set back in July, the band have this unwavering ability to sink deeply within their authoritative, grooving riffs and make them absolutely crystal clear and impactful. ‘The Master’ is a leering, seething temptation, Alex Studer’s voice grating against the hooks’ sharper edges and consistently evaporating tempo. All together it’s surprisingly compact and biting, their wealth of sound not weighing down the energy they possess.”

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