“Sprawling hardcore…. joining the dots between Spaceman 3 and AC/DC punk…” – Steve Lamacq

 “If you’re into Stoogey punk freak-outs and heavy, throat-shredding rock and roll, then this gorgeous debut 7″ should be in your sweaty palms yesterday”. – Sly Vinyl

“Highly charged and hypnotic….unpredictable and fresh” – Cone Magazine

“Challenging for the set of the festival, Yo No Se can only be described as sounding absolutely huge. On a big stage with the level of sound on offer, they conquer. Their grooving blasts of raucousness has a big crowd incensed, gyrating and surfing on a wave of undeniably catchiness” – Bristol Live Magazine

“Totally heavy, six-legged groove machine” – Whisperin And Hollerin